Monday, December 29, 2014

The Impossible Cool

Something happen…between Ursula & myself that night…on the company’s annual dinner.

(1) This time around, the organizer did a great job because they have actually provided us (in a group of 5) a hotel room for each group to shower, to change, to dress up, to put on our makeup. The group was divided according to names base on an alphabetical order. Ursula was in the same group as Alice and some other people. I was in the same room as Celtic, Baldwin & Gerrard. However, in the end…Celtic & I did not use the room at all. We just changed our top in the public wash room and put on our makeup there. Touch & Go :)

(2) Then, during the dinner…I was seated in the same table as Celtic & Stephanie. Further down, there was Leonardo, Linda, Laura, Gerrard, Baldwin, Madeleine were seated on the same table. I cannot find Ursula & Paige. So, I thought…fated…I will not be able to see the both of them.

(3) Mana tahu…I think…2 hours before the dinner finished…I spotted Ursula & Paige outside, but I was heading towards the washroom direction with Stephanie.

(4) When I come out from the washroom…Ursula spotted me…like an Oscar presenter…she quickly walks towards my direction, stretch out her hand…greeted me with open arms…like I am the Oscar winner…and we hold hands…walking towards the picture booth instead of to the stage. OMG.

(5) I don’t know whether Ursula was drunk or not. I know that Ursula is a very good drinker. Ursula keep on persuading Stephanie to drink and this Stephanie pula wants to drink…and this Stephanie also like drunk-drunk a little. I have no choice but to step in…telling Ursula that I will drink on behalf of Stephanie.

(6) Then, I also try to stop Ursula from drinking further…thereafter…I am also not so sure what happen…I just hug Ursula and tell her thank you for everything. In return, she embraces me and tells me that – you are such a sweet gal. Ursula holds me tight.

(7) After I let go…I just did a very small gesture…using my left index finger to move across my right eye…I think Ursula thought that I want to tear already and Ursula immediately say to me – don’t do that. Hahaha. You should appreciate me more…then Ursula walk back towards the picture booth.

(8) I think Ursula feels de-motivated & unappreciated that she was not being appointed as the next GM. Marcus was the chosen one.

(9) Then, it was time to leave…I told Ursula that we make a move first, drive safely, take care…then, just very spontaneously…I gave Ursula a cheek peck. OMG.

(10) I just felt that…that night was our closure. For everything. For 2014. Ursula is such a defining person…who gave me a very defining year and many defining moments. In the end, we are each other’s stories. And personal growth is dependent on how much empathy we have with other people; listening & understanding them. In life there are no such things as coincidences. It’s GOD’s plan, it's GOD’s time.

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