Saturday, December 27, 2014

Air Umbrella

Ainul was in my room the other day…we were discussing on my APC…and just all of a sudden…Ainul asked me what if I changed department…will I be ok…I replied back that it is no longer my call…if I do (unfortunately) get a new department that I don’t like…I can only highlight back to the top management…and I still have to (eventually) accept it if the top management still insists that I stick with it. Ainul praised me that I am such a positive person.

So what does this indicate? Does this mean that Ainul knew something about the upcoming re-structuring? Does Ainul know where I am heading to? Is Ainul hinting at me something?

I don’t know…I don’t have the answers…I just leave it to my GOD :)

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