Wednesday, November 30, 2016


This case I lagi marah betul at Celtic.

Celtic sounded me – it’s not that I don’t know how to manage, is that I don’t want to manage.

Another supplier…very cina apek one…push the supplier, no response. Hey Celtic, if this supplier is so responsive…you would not have to go up to Penang or meet the supplier outside from the office in KL to get the supplier to sign the 2016 contract ok.

Again, this supplier is not in my 2016 1st quarter and 2nd quarter trade plan. I outright told Celtic that in the face. Lantak lah if Celtic is not happy about it. As I don’t stay in a category long enough…I am not pro suppliers…I am more pro establishment. Seriously, I really don’t know how to manage such unresponsive suppliers. Not that I don’t want to. Then, what about you…you also have 3 suppliers which I think also you don’t want to manage them but pushes it to Wayne & Stewart to manage the business. Celaka betul. If this supplier is so responsive and good, this supplier would have made it big in G13 and with The English. That is why in G13, Madeleine also tak hiraukan this supplier and this supplier will also not be able to survive in The English process oriented environment. Only The Japanese department store can tahan with this supplier because they are department store format and this supplier is too big business with them already. I am sure if the buyer can kick the supplier out, they would.

I think this Celtic is protecting this supplier only because I suspect this supplier got help or have business link with Celtic’s other half. Celtic is just being protective & defensive with Celtic’s own suppliers. Whatever lah…if Stewart is really on Celtic’s side…I will explain and I can explain. Now at work, I also don’t bother Celtic anymore. I just do my work and less talking. Everyday Celtic is playing on the phone only. I still think that there is something wrong with the permanent assortment, missing strategies…good sales per sku kononya…yes that item is very good sales, but it did not uplift the total category. So, it’s sort of fail.

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