Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hendrik’s Gin

This case…I believe it is Celtic who reka the cerita. The timing is too coincidence. It arises my suspicious.

What happen was…Seth is back into the retail market…as a supplier. So, Seth wants to have a lunch appointment with us…so, I told Seth to make an appointment with Celtic first because Celtic always have lunch with Celtic’s other half every day…I’m available for lunch most of the time.

Then, following that…Celtic said that people in the market said that we got into an argument. Supplier said kononya lah…but as far as I know…I have not mentioned anything bad about Celtic to the suppliers. So, cannot be from the suppliers. I only inform Seth that Celtic and I don’t have our lunch together only. So, it’s either Seth misinterpret or this Celtic mereka cerita again. Cannot be from Marcus & Tommy…I think the both of them have more important things to do. I only reply back this to Celtic…we grow up already, no need to stick together.

Seriously…Juan Carlos is indeed very far-sighted…I don’t want to be consumed by my own ego-ness and being arrogant here…but I think I indeed have grown up. Somebody did not grow up. Somebody is being very insecure and full of jealousy. Never have the confidence. Confidence only derived from putting down others. There is no truth in this story and I don’t give a damn about it. I couldn’t be bother. It is just so trivial. If Celtic wants to disrupt me...yes, it did bother me a little bit...but when I analyze back that it is Celtic's very own doing...I only look down at Celtic even more.

The best revenge of getting back to Celtic – is living a good life :)

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