Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Highbury Gossips

Wah, this Celtic is very dangerous. What happen was…the management decides to do a major clearance. I think that is a fantastic idea. Clear off all of the old stocks…remove those aging, slow moving and unwanted merchandise…the company will have their cash flow back; minus the profit margins but we will have a strong cash flow which will allow us to buy the right stocks and also the new stocks in the future. So, in the Aging Clearance List…after I have put in my input…this Celtic went and did some item code exclusion, without informing me…whether I agree with it or not…at least inform lah right…say give me the freedom to do whatever I want…but belakang go and do something else pula…so, I was very lucky that Stewart scan through the list one more time. I decide to clear the item because this is not a permanent range. Celtic pula argue that Celtic wants to recycle the item codes. If want to do clearance at a flat price, I have already create those item codes as well, from the lowest denomination to the highest that the supplier have. As the description says Clearance RMX.XX, we can just put in any family group that we want, from kitchenware to tableware to stainless steel. Margin is lower? It’s clearance anyway isn’t it. Celaka betul

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