Friday, November 18, 2016

Supermodel’s Secret

I had lunch with Stewart on Thursday. Stewart asks how am I doing right now, whether the situation is better compare to the first time when I arrive. I am still counting down days…hahaha…with Zila around, has my work efficiency improve. Well, I brief Stewart that currently I am letting Zila to do the Baking Planogram first. Follow by the Disposable Planogram. Once these planograms are in place…then Zila can start to drive the business moving forward.

Hmm…I am feeling very suspicious already, again...due to the timing, maybe Celtic got mention to Stewart on what I have mention to Seth earlier on.

Stewart mentions that Stewart got ask Celtic to improve on Celtic’s strategy. I don’t want Stewart to feel that I am back stabbing Celtic; my boss. So, enough is enough…final…full stop…no more discussing about Celtic unless it is very necessary. I mean come on; you want to hear from a friend’s perspective or from a third party’s perspective. This is team work here. It is frustrating to see that Celtic is not chipping in. Celtic is so full of potential but wasted. Celtic can deliver so much more. As a friend, I still can calm down a little, but as a third party, it is really frustrating. No wonder MT is also pissed off with Celtic.

I also share my below findings with Stewart. Stewart also agrees with me. I also notice we are also over relying on D31. I mean, I am also a member of D31, D31 is the pillar...but our customers also buy from other categories too. That is why whenever other categories does a range discount…their sales uplift is there because they never have that much of advertising exposure before. D31 base is just too strong. Stewart needs to find a balance.

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