Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Leadership DOJO – 3


Team Leadership >> this is the ability to lead, mange and retain a team. Without this ability, the team will fail. The ability to manage a team is learnt through experience & practice.

Process Discipline >> having the competence of being able to build and develop processes is key. Each successful business has strong processes. Leaders must be able to observe process gaps and fix it. This requires deep process knowledge and capability.

Driving Excellence >> excellence is competence. In everything we do, we need to do it with excellence. This means making ourselves better every single day.

Bias For Action >> Leaders must be biased to action. Action is what differentiates winners from losers.


Commitment To A Common Purpose >> great leaders always start with a vision. This vision energizes and directs the organization. Leaders must be able to ensure that they can drive everyone to be committed to the cause and not just be compliant to the cause. Personal conviction of the vision is key.

Self-Directed, Takes Initiative >> great leaders drive proactive initiatives. They do not wait. They have a deep conviction that directs them and do not need bosses o remind them of the vision.

Independent, Stay The Course >> Great leaders are focused on the final goal. They remain steadfast to the cause and never flinch till they achieve the goals outlined.


Lead Change, Continuously Improve >> having the courage to lead change is key. Everyone is going to be against change and reinvention. Everyone will champion against you. You need to have the courage to stay the course. You need to have the courage to keep driving change. You need to have the courage to stand strong even when all else is against you.

Bring Up Ideas, Overcome Hurdles, Eliminate Red Tape >> Having the courage to overcome hurdles is key to your success. You will feel like giving up many times. You must find the courage deep inside to keep pressing on.

Take Calculated Risks >> we all have to take risks. But never try to gamble or think you are invisible. Take calculated risks.

Influence Without Direct Authority
>> it is easy to lead with a title. Much harder to really lead with influence. Great leaders have the courage to lead with influence. Influence is the heartbeat of leadership.

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