Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Leadership DOJO – 2

Always Reinvent >> you need to continuously have the mindset that change is moving forward. Keep looking for opportunities in every obstacle and situation. There is always an opportunity to reinvent and drive change. And reinvent everything – your business model and strategy, your processes and structures and even your organizational culture – because everything is ripe for reinvention.

Executing Great Ideas & Reinvention Needs Time >> nothing can be done instantly. Every new idea takes time to see the fruits of execution. Don’t give up but relentless in execution. Give time for learning, growth and skills to be learnt and embraced.

Don’t Just Be Innovative, Build Innovative Cultures >> innovation has to be a process in your organization. More importantly, it has to be ingrained as part of your DNA, as part of your culture. Build elements of innovation into your culture and see innovation thrive.

Every Company Has To Be a Technology Company
>> technology & automation is a key strategic weapon that can be leveraged by all organizations. Technology is key to winning in the future and has to be harnessed today.

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