Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Wagyu Tomahawk

Speak Up >> actively participating in office discussions demonstrates your enthusiasm and interest in the company. While you don’t want to talk to hear yourself speak, do not hesitate to share your ideas when you have something valuable to add.

Sit In The Hot Seat >> did you know that where you sit in a meeting can determine if you get a plum assignment or not? Choosing a seat near the meeting leader signals your support and helps ensure you’re seen and heard. And by placing yourself at the center of the action, you’re likely to participate more.

Exercise Your Bragging Rights >> it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. But in the office, it often comes down to who knows you. Imagine the executives in your company are having a meeting to decide who will work on a high profile project. Would anyone in the room mention your name? If not, you’ve got some self-promoting to do. Emailing a weekly status report to your boss detailing major accomplishments or volunteering to present your group’s milestones at a meeting are easy ways to increase your visibility.

Go Beyond The Call Of Duty
>> another way to raise your profile is to assist colleagues with their workloads or take on tasks outside your job description.

Accept Credit Graciously >> when someone compliments you for doing a good job, how do you react? If you typically shrug it off and say it was nothing, you may be leaving the door open for someone else to steal your thunder. Try instead, thank you…I’m glad the hard work paid off or thanks…I’m really pleased with the way it turned out too. Just be careful about accepting credit that’s not yours…it’s a sure fire to create tension and animosity among your teammates.

Shoot The Breeze >> in addition to engaging in occasional chit-chat with your co-workers, be sure to partake in company gatherings, through these informal events, you can develop camaraderie with other employees and make valuable contacts within the organization.

Eat, Drink & Demonstrate Proper Dining Decorum >> the business lunch is becoming increasingly common, so it’s in your best interest to learn proper dining etiquette.

Make More Meaningful Connections
>> conferences and industry events are great opportunities to network.

Give Thanks >> the respect, kindness and personal touch will create an indelible mark in your recipient’s mind and improve the chances he or she will help out again.

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