Saturday, November 05, 2016


I look at the BTS leaflet…below are my findings. Some I did share with Stewart…some I just keep them to myself.

I think William did a great job for the school bags…there is the RM9.90 backpack…the crowd puller, the key line, the iconic item, the entry price point…there is the generic bag designs, the cartoon characters designs, nothing above RM100…everything was in a price point format. Good job William. I think I will share this with Stewart…otherwise…I find William to be too invisible in the team…

Harriet only advertises the Steadtler 24 color pencil @ RM7.50…what about the Stabilo and the Faber Castell brand? Stabilo is the market leader in the color pencil category follow by Faber Castell. You are already building the sales value for the Steadtler brand…however, is there a plan to build the second and the third brand as well…to increase the dollar value? This, I did not share with Stewart.

Harriet did a good for the exercise book – 5 in 1 @ RM2.00. I only did RM3.50 last year…1 full offer bin. Good display. This, I did share with Stewart.

Hello Kitty exercise notebook @ RM1.00 is also a good bargain too. They are the G13 leftover stocks from the Murah Giler promotion which Alice & Brian did a couple of months back…Stewart knew about it too…hahaha but Stewart did not question Harriet about it. This, I did share with Stewart.

Faber Castell Tri Grip 2B Pencils @ RM5.90 is also another good bargain. I only did RM6.00 last year. This, I did not share with Stewart.

When I look at the leaflet, Harriet support Zurick’s business a lot…not so much on Michel & Ice. But I did inform Stewart that the former & latter are very strong in their indent sourcing.

Both The English & the G13 promotional area have a combination of bays and bins fixtures. Bins is to display key items such as exercise book, tapes, color pencils, consignment children books and indent flat price with pre-price sticker on them. Meanwhile the bays can be use to highlight supplier’s brands and the local basic items. And when I look at the leaflet…in the Flat Price section…Harriet may not have the fancy indent sourcing items…but Harriet did cover all of the local basics…it’s just that the store is lacking in fixtures. I told Stewart, if put up in the bay, it will look good for sure. This, I did share with Stewart.

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