Saturday, November 05, 2016

The Easy Road?

Life’s path is often difficult. So, if we expect that God will always give us an easy road, we may be tempted to turn our back on Him when the terrain gets tough.

God used that time in the desert to instruct and mature the people He had called to follow Him. The easy road would have led them to disaster. The long road prepared the nation of Israel for their successful entry into the Promised Land. Our God is faithful, and we can trust Him to lead us and care for us no matter what we face. We may not understand the reason for the path we are on, but we can trust Him to help us grow in faith and maturity along the way.

Lord, we cannot see the path ahead, so we must trust that the way is right and that it is the best road for us to take. Please encourage me, and teach me as I let You direct my path.

God’s timing is always right – wait patiently for Him.

I screwed up a supplier on Thursday…somemore, this supplier is one of Celtic’s bestie…hahaha…what happen was…BTS is coming, just round the corner…this supplier gave us a water bottle 1.2ltr and advise me to sell at this particular price. The English will be selling the 800ml water bottle at this price and G13 will be selling the 1.6ltr at this price…then I change the selling price…because last year G13 sell exactly the same thing at RM3.99. So, there is absolutely nothing that differentiates me from the competitor if I am also selling at the same price…so, I do what Ursula taught me…by going down a dollar cheaper but in this case I went down by RM0.50. Then, the supplier…I feel guilty also lah…I didn’t inform the supplier about it…I also don't know why I didn't open my mouth...I mean I never have the habit of telling the suppliers on how much I will sell…and the supplier felt that I have no principle, no common courtesy to inform the supplier on my change of plans. The supplier felt played out…that I cheat on the supplier…because the supplier have to cook up an explanation to both Tommy & Miguel and will feel that Tommy & Miguel will no longer trust the supplier anymore. Yes, in a way I have further damage the supplier’s reputation and credibility in the market but I have also destroy my own trustworthiness with this supplier as well. Somemore, this supplier is the biggest plastic manufacturer in Malaysia as well. Well, I learn my lesson…I just have to get up and keep on swimming…

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