Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Playground Borneo

Yesterday, Stewart finally announced that William will be joining Team Grocery. Apparently, Stewart mentions that Stewart approach William with the suggestion (but why William in the fist place?) and William accepted it. I wonder why? Is either William wants a new challenge or William has some issues with Jonas…I think the latter…hahaha. This Stewart also…didn’t praise William for William’s past contributions and also for this year BTS.

I have the opportunity to work with William in the late 2011 / early 2012…at that point of time…I find William to have good working ethics. Even for this year BTS – a RM9.90 backpack is a job well done. I thought the RM9.90 backpack will be in black, blue or red color…but William manage to source for a colorful bag. I told this to both Stewart and Celtic.

This Stewart sometimes…I believe a leader needs to be autocratic. That is the only way. But as we work in a so-called democratic society…we have to be like a iron fist in a velvet glove. Stewart has to be seen to be fair and just. But unfortunately Stewart is not. Now, I understand why MT told Marcus who then tell me that Stewart is too soft. Stewart layan Celtic and never correct Celtic…sigh…

D31 sales is still down. Everyone is up except for us. This Celtic also…can say that customers are not buying our merchandise. Really childish. Excuses.

I don’t know…I can be wrong…October…top 3 items in the Cloth Upkeep family is hanger, garment rack and ironing board. For the hanger…yes, we did many family discounts but the uplift is not there…could there be a possibility that the sales is all spread out…will it be better to invest to buy in for 1 sku with the right selling price and sufficient quantities. On the garment rack…the average selling price is higher than the new sku…therefore, the dollar value reduce? Same goes for the ironing board. We have to analyze the data…data tells a formation, a trend, a pattern. Then, the newly launch color for the storage boxes and drawers…is it a failure? A new item cannot be consider as successful even though it sell thousands in quantities…it can only be call a success if it uplifts the total category. For example, the container category grew by 36%...the pallet water tumbler only contributes 5% to the total sales. Not a success story. However, the branded supplier which generated 56% of the sales, then yes…that is a success story because it outpace the category's growth. Celtic's categories are pretty straight forward...unlike Stationery or mine where accumulated sku contribute to the bigger pie.

Thank You Ursula, Thank You Tommy, Thank You Marcus, Thank You Miguel.

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