Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tops, Bottoms & Shoes


Hahaha…I thought MT will start on leave tomorrow. Rupa-rupanya, MT already on leave on last week Friday. However, according to Celtic…MT; was by right should start her leave tomorrow…not on Friday…it was MT who saw the wrong time on her air ticket. MT thought her flight was on Friday night, not on Friday morning or afternoon…whatever it was lah.

If I knew it earlier, I will try to bump into MT on Thursday. Well, yes…I am kind of still stalking her…hahaha…you see, from where I sit, I can see clearly when MT leaves her place to go to the pantry or to use the washroom…so, when MT is on her way back, I will then get up and head to the pantry to fill up my water bottle. So, we will bump into each other. Sometimes MT will give me a sweet smile…sometimes a sneaky smile…hahaha…

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