Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stop Anger From Consuming You

Notice and accept your anger >> when you are angry, notice it. Acknowledge your anger and accept it. Realize fully that I am getting angry.

Realize that anger is self-created >> anger does not come from anywhere else but rather it is your unconscious response to a situation. It is self-created. It is not from outside.

Anger is created by the false >> anger comes from the ego or the fear that is inside of you. These fleeting feelings are untrue and unreal; they are nothing but the inventions of the mind.

Breathe >> take a few deep breaths till you feel calmer. Relax.

Let it go

Anger can only be conquered by non-anger >> a father told his angry son to put a nail in the wall every time he gets angry. He put many. Then the father asked him to pull out a nail for every day that he was not angry. He did. The father then said, look at the wall. You may have pulled out the nails but the holes remain. Anger damages things permanently.

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