Sunday, November 13, 2016

Pixel Garage

Celebrated Celtic’s Birthday yesterday:

Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang Jaya >> their Oink Oink Ribs…still Naughty’s Nuri & Morganfield’s taste better. I think it is their gravy…bbq sauce but the spicy kind…not the sweet type. And their meat is not that tender. A bit on the rough side. Babi Fried Rice was good…crispy pork lard, chinese sausage, crispy bacon with century egg is absolutely a nice combination. And I love their Matcha Latte as well.

OW:L Espresso >> a Korean café…as I had my Matcha Latte earlier on, I skip my drink here but we have the frosty bite though. The chocolate chip cookies is soaked in a mug of dry ice. Once you start to bite on the cookies…there will be lots of fog surging from your mouth. It’ a cool and refreshing experience.

Aboong >> a Korean fish waffle ice cream. The waffle is in a shape of a fish. You can choose to stuff red bean, custard or nutella into the fish stomach. Then the yogurt ice cream and marshmallow will top the whole thing off. Kind of unique. I definitely will go back there again.

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