Friday, March 24, 2017

Ariel 3 in 1 Pods

Hahaha…God knows me…hahaha…yes, I have sign up for gym…there are lots of equipments around…however, I am not too sure whether my techniques are right or not…so one of the Personal Trainers there approach me…his name is Saufi, nice dude…apparently; as a new member, I do get a complimentary introduction on the equipments that are available in the gym. So, Saufi have been introducing me to the machines and have given me some pointers here and there. Chest up, back straight, breath in, breath out…apparently for some machines, I also have got it all wrong…wrong posture, I did not adjust the height or the length that suits and comforts me. Now, that I know about it…hopefully I will get better, I will be in better shape and more toned :) Lift heavier, lift frequently, lift consistently.

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