Friday, March 24, 2017


On Stephanie’s case…according to Celtic…I think Stephanie got share her thoughts with Celtic and Celtic put it very subtly to me…it’s like, when I have lunch with other people in the office, I did not invite Stephanie to come along…the first few times I did, but Stephanie herself decline those offers…so, I guess in the subsequent times, I kind of took things for granted and never invited her. But I think Stephanie is upset with because of her birthday celebration. What happen was…I dictate which date we should go out for her birthday lunch, I chose Sunday because lately…I’m kind of busy on Saturday…and there were a couple of times where Stephanie prefer to have it on a Saturday. I think in her head…the logic is…it’s my birthday; I should be able to decide.

Well, I am not going to do anything for now. Let’s see what is Stephanie next move, whenever there are problems, she always avoids it and run away. Maybe I am place in such a position so she can learn to overcome it. She can talk to me, she can share her thoughts & feelings with me...I am not a sensitive person, I am very easy-going and I do not yell and scream and bite like Celtic. But it's always in Stephanie's character that she does not confront the issues but choose to run away from it instead.

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