Saturday, March 18, 2017


I WatsApp Ursula…

Me: Hola

Ursula: Halo

Me: How r u Ma’am?

Ursula: Happy. I am busy doing baby hard now

Me: I heard. So, just to check on u

Ursula: No worry. I took it well. As that is my 1st wish. To take care my own dept. I don’t wan to do for others already. How well SDA do they give the credit to Tesco buyer. So now I have to challenge Nixon on his last performance

Me: I’m sure u will miss Shawn. Yeah, I heard u always cover her ass. Ok we go drink next week

Ursula: Sure or not. U can drink meh

Me: Sure…a little bit. U drink the rest

Ursula: Going to holiday this Sat. Rest a bit before take over. But I am excited. Already starts doing my line selection.

Me: Ok wait u come back. U r always tat efficient

I hope…Ursula really can let go…and start all over again…otherwise, she is going to be filled with bitterness…she deserves so much better…karma maybe? I don’t know. I only know that the Ursula I know is one smart & determine woman.

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