Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Po Dawg

Hmmm…no matter what Celtic says right now, I just have to use my own wisdom and gut feeling to judge and filter over them…Celtic does look and sound convincing at times. But I don't like that Celtic likes to spark fire.

Abigail caught both Mak Tiri & Jonas complaining about Stewart; Abigail was tak puas hati that the both of them were saying bad things about Stewart because Abigail thinks that Stewart is actually good…I think Mak Tiri & Jonas is not that stupid either to bitch about Stewart in front of anybody…if they does, they will do it in a hush-hush way, unless Abigail just have super powerful ears that can pick up their conversations.

Mak Tiri claims that all of her DIY/Car/Auto categories sales drop is because Tin Min is such a weak buyer, Celtic said that Mak Tiri shifts all of the blame & flaws to Tin Min, thus Mak Tiri have to micromanage…Stewart once mention that Mak Tiri telans everything & never complain about Tin Min & William at all.

I am surprise that Mak Tiri & Jonas have issues with Stewart…I don’t think it’s so much that Stewart sides D31…but more of siding Celtic.

Stewart says that Mak Tiri is in her own comfort zone, but from what I see…every time, when there are changes arise; MT does rise to the occasion, even though it’s with an annoying look on her face…hahaha...but Mak Tiri is still very hands-on operational-wise and still delivers till the end.

…whatever…I also don’t want to know…Mak Tiri can be like Ursula’s case…a very misunderstood character…

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