Wednesday, March 01, 2017

What Men Can Learn From Women

How to be a better listener >> listening has become vital for 21st century leadership and curiosity is key to effective listening. We win or lose by truly understanding and delivering what the customer is looking for. Effective listening skills can be in helping you better understand how all the different pieces and events fit together. Asking the right questions, listening to both the content and the feelings of responses, and then questioning in greater depth is a critical leadership skill for all of us.

How to be empathetic >> developing this skill can allow you to understand not only what is being said, but also what someone really means. This helps to build trusting relationships, which positively impacts both employee satisfaction and job performance.

How to foster better communication & collaboration >> a facilitative style that emphasizes communication and collaboration can lead to better results. At leading in a matrixed environment. While men may tend to use a more positional authority to get results when leading their team, women may use the style of engaging others by facilitation of their ideas, input and the way they provide direction. The strongest leadership teams combine skill sets where a focus on collaboration by some leaders complements a drive for closure and results by other leaders.

How to think more holistically
>> having a more holistic and integrated perspective is an important leadership strength as clients today are looking for a more complete end to end solution. By using a more integrated approach, you can examine the requirements and connect the dots differently to provide what customers in any industry really need, i.e. a more complete solution thinking.

How to trust your intuition >> intuition is knowing with no evidence. It’s what we refer to as our gut feeling.

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