Saturday, March 18, 2017


We are easily tempted to forget God. Our problems won’t disappear with an evening stroll, but we can find rest and certainty that God is always working toward His good purposes. I’M HERE. I’VE GOT YOU. He says.

Thank You, Lord, for a night sky that helps us glimpse eternity. I can’t begin to understand it fully, but I know it is there, and I know You are there. Help me trust You for what I don’t know.

I’m angry…I am making careless & stupid mistakes…one after the other…totally unforgiven…I’m a Senior Category Manager leh…and I keep on saying about being better…being better…but I am not getting any better…

I somehow also feel that I am losing credibility & favorability at the workplace…especially from Stewart…and I have evil thoughts…that Celtic may be behind all of these…

And then, the case with Stephanie…we totally have no conversations at all…lately, it is me who ask Stephanie questions…and I only get a one word reply…I also feel that this Stephanie is avoiding me during lunch time…like I did something wrong like that…I also did ask her…whether I did anything wrong and she remain quiet. But I also know that lately that she is hanging around with Celtic a lot. Well, Celtic is still Celtic.

Whatever lah

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