Tuesday, March 28, 2017

8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana

Random things that happen today:

(1) Mak Tiri mention that she did not sleep well last night, dreaming that she will be late…as today is the Shah Alam store re-launch…and Stewart have pesan us to be punctual and arrive at the store by 7.45am. MT is staying in Putra Heights and was unsure how the morning traffic will be like. OMG – like this also can stress…Henry is right…she thinks too much, unnecessarily and complicatedly…hahaha…

(2) MT told Stewart – for future store opening – she don’t want to take up the Main Entrance space – very stressful…hahaha…

(3) I am so evil…I am kind of happy that on the first day of the Shah Alam store re-launch, the sales participation of D33 outpace D31. Ohh, my sales sucks…I think, right now the whole of D31 have to rely heavily on Celtic & MT’s categories…but I am just glad that HotWheels have such a success story today because I want Stewart & the rest of the people to see that…D31 is not the only department that can do sales…the rest of the categories can too; provided with the right item selection & prices. I am glad that Celtic’s ego got bruise a little. Of course, the Division Manager also did a good job by informing all of the HotWheels collectors to drop by at the store today. It is such an eye opener. Stationery’s A4 paper sales can also fly off the shelves, if Stewart pulls it out to the front block which Stewart did not. The RM5 water bottle too. Same goes with the Tefal SuperCook 20cm Frypan @ RM39.90. Power tools, engine oil, utility shelves, cooler box, arch files…if all prepared well, we don’t have to over rely on storage boxes and drawers which have cause a very unhealthy balance in Team Baz.

(4) MT is the youngest in the family. Henry did mention previously that she have 2 older brothers. Her mom is not working. As Jonas was mentioning about Jonas’s children breakfast routine…this MT said that her mom will wake her up when she was a primary student but did not prepare breakfast for her. She gets her breakfast at school. And she want to ask her mom why....hahaha. Ohh, I am just so blessed to have my Mama Ham with me.

(5) Stewart mention to Jonas (in front of everyone, of course Harriet was not there) that Harriet is very slow at work.

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