Monday, March 13, 2017

Life Lessons We Learned From Abby Sciuto

Ask for help if you need it >> no one person can be expected to know everything, and that’s okay. Abby knows she has a great support system if she needs help – not only do they help each other learn, but they have some fun in the process.

Chase after what you love
>> following your heart can be scarry, but it’s almost always rewarding. So, whether your passion is for drawing or for animals – like Abby – make time for what you love most.

Don’t hold grudges
>> breakups and lost friendships can be hard, but you’ll never fully heal if you’re unwilling to let go of the past, just look at Abby & McGee. Instead of letting their professional relationships suffer because things didn’t work out between them romantically, these 2 co-workers choose to move forward and keep things amicable.

Be flexible
>> no matter how organized and coordinated you are, sometimes life can throw a serious curveball. The quicker you accept that unexpected circumstance, the faster you can start kicking butt and taking names.

Express yourself >> you are your own biggest cheerleader – celebrate everything that makes you, well you!

Get creative >> having trouble maximizing your productivity? Put on your thinking cap, and let your imagination run wild. Abby always knows when to think outside the box.

Celebrate your successes
>> finally finished that huge project at work? Give yourself some much-deserved credit. Bonus points if you bust out your best Abby happy dance.

Stand up for your morals & beliefs >> if there’s one thing Abby isn’t willing to sacrifice, it’s her virtues. It takes a special person to put her own life in danger to protect a group of hostages from vengeful gunmen – and an even stronger one to proclaim – if my life saves theirs, I’m down; 100 percent.

Take the time to really listen to your friends and co-workers >> it’s easy to brush off suggestions or concerns from the people around you when you’re already preoccupied with your own responsibilities. But, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in your own world that you completely alienate yourself or push your loved ones away. Follow Abby’s lead and take time to hear what your friends, family and co-workers have to say. Who knows, while you’re helping them processes their quandaries, you might find a solution to your own.

Don’t judge a book by its cover
>> while she may not dress like a stereotypical forensic scientist, Abby’s one of the best around! Who says you can’t have serious style, edgy tattoos and spiked jewelry and still rock a lab coat?

Above all, have fun
>> we’ve learned a lot from Abby – from pursuing our passions to fostering our friendships. But perhaps the most valuable thing we’ve learned from Abby is that life should be enjoyable. Live it up!

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