Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Red Sea Experience

2017's Got Nothing on You If You Follow These 20 Tips For Happiness




Faith / Family / Friends / Fitness / Finance

Humility + Curiosity <=> Courage + Confidence

Remove The Fear / Hesitation / Procrastination / Worryness / Annoying Attitude / Negative Energy / Negative Thinking / Negative Thoughts / Negative People

Radiant + Collected + Fine
Doing things with Class + Elegance + Grace + Sophistication…with Stabilityness + Steadyness + Calmness

Be Grateful / Always Give / Keep Growing

KEYWORD >> Growth / Progress / Improvement

GOD – do grant me Your Strength in my every trials & tribulation, Your Wisdom & Common Sense in every decision, built good Characters, good Skills & good habits in me

Characters >> Passion / Perseverance / Proactiveness … Courage / Confidence / Competence / Conscience / Composure / Compassion

Skills >> Analytical Skill, Branding & Business Skills, Communication & Presentation Skills, Common Sense & Critical Thinking Skills, Decision Making Skill, Leadership & People Skills, EQ Skill, Finance Skill, Management & Marketing Skills and Planning, Organizing, Developing, Implementing & Executing Skills.

GOD – I submit and surrender my 2017 Life Board to You. Knowing that ALL IS GOOD, ALL IS WELL & ALL IS SAFE in that mighty hands of Yours.

Family Events, Friends Gathering, Church Activities, Spanish Classes, Gym Sessions, Marathons, Cycling, Hanging out with new people, Housework, Cooking & Food, Readings, Hobbies, Blogging, Photography, Movies & Music, Studies, Holidays & Travels, Opportunities, Adventures, Self-Discovery and Me Time.

GOD, I Depend on You. Because I have Prayed. I want to be a better person…not bitter…I want to response, not react…I want to forgive & forget. I will have God’s Favorability. I will Thrive & Have Success in whatever I do, wherever I go, wherever I am. All Glory, all Praises, all Credits & all Salutations goes back to God.

GOD – put Your hand on my 2017 Life Satisfaction Board…Personal Growth / Purpose In Life / Well Being / Self Acceptance / Self Discipline / Positive Emotions, fewer Negative Emotions / Positive Relations, Positive Relationship / Meaning / Engagement / Achievement & Accomplishment / Environment Mastery / Intellectual Curiosity

GOD – bring people & activities into my life, I want my life to be Enhance, Enrich & Added Value On.

God – complete Your Works & Purpose in me. I am a piece of work in progress.

And finally…

God gives me the Purpose Of Life
God helps me to add Meaning Into My Life
God ensures that I get Fulfillment In My Life
God makes my Life Worthwhile

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