Friday, March 24, 2017

Charley and Beau's P.E. Kit

God - I’m angry…with myself, again!

Again and again…I’m making very stupid & silly mistakes at work…mistakes that should not have been done in the first place. For goodness sake – I’m a Senior Category Manager but does my work like a newbie. I am suppose to do the ordering for the RM10 saucepan & saucepot…mana tahu…I go and append the wrong item codes and vendor code…because in the first place…I copy & paste the wrong details. Stupid me right! Somemore this order needs to be rush out for the Shah Alam store revamping opening on next week Tuesday. Lucky, the right item codes was not block, otherwise have to submit form for release, then only can do the ordering tomorrow. So, in the end the PO can be raised today. Whew…lately there are so many minor and unnecessary mistakes that I make at work – but Thank You God, because God provides a quick fix solution for me every time. But I really cannot continue to be this careless anymore. I keep on saying being better, being better…but in the end…end up being worst than before…arrrrggghhh…

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