Sunday, October 09, 2016


For your thoughts Stewart :)
No…I didn’t email this to Stewart…I will only make Stewart more sad…hahaha…so, I am only keeping this to myself...

What happen was…on last week Friday, there was a BTS presentation with the top management.
If I am reading everything correctly, the top management are also a data oriented people…it’s just that our system are not that user friendly in churning out the figures…maybe there is a way, I may need to learn from MT…ok, so basically the top management are no different from Miguel & Maximoff, they need data, data is very important, data reflects the past historical action and data is use in how to move forward, in influencing the next decision making step. Wants to achieve 29% growth, but how…in the BTS presentation, it didn’t show that.

I also notice that when Miguel & Maximoff were doing their presentation, they will get the top management full commitment and always link back to the top management's direction, indicating that they understand the objective that needs to be achieve.

Steadtler 24pcs Color Pencil @ RM7.50…we claim that we are the cheapest but I think we should present it in this way – we are the cheapest, we invest a bit in the margin because the color pencils contribute an X amount to the total stationery sales, last year we sell at this price and the quantity sold was this…therefore for this year by lowering the selling price & margin, we anticipate that the forecast sales will be like this…we will have bin display…to create visibility and to project the right price image to the customers…must present like that mah…to emphasize that we know what we are doing…and most importantly we understand and can grasp the top management's future direction.

I also feel that...for the top management, that there is nothing new. Stationery is just stationery, there is no newness in terms of innovation. You want to see something new, only play around with the Flat Price merchandise. Here, I am really disappointed with Harriet. This part I got tells Stewart. Coming from The English and having a boss like Tommy, there is a certain expectation. Harriet disappoints me. Only 1 brand of color pencils, what about the others brands…so many range discount, customers only remember the rock bottom prices…where are the pencil bag flat price…where are the notebook flat price…ok, I don’t want to judge yet…we shall wait and see…

I think the top management thinks and feels that we have no point of differentiation, we are also not that cheap enough, we are just the same as our Ursula always say...go a dollar lower and see what will happens...hahaha...

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