Thursday, October 27, 2016

Dean Street Townhouse

It’s either Stewart has run out of words to say or Stewart just basically copy and paste. If Stewart really is just copy & paste, then I can only say that Stewart has no firm stand. Nonetheless, it does feels good when your boss listen to what you have to say and acknowledges it.

(1) During this morning BTS presentation – Stewart presented this statement…a statement which I presented to Stewart earlier…the BTS Leaflet caters to the pre-kindy students, the primary school students and the secondary school students. Although the population of the pre-kindy & and the primary school students age group category drops slightly a little and the older age group shows an increase but due to a wider age gap…we may not know which age in between that have the increase…nonetheless, the leaflet is still very much in line in meeting the pre-kindy & the primary school students needs.

(2) Thereafter, during the floor walk, together with the store people…I commented that Jonas & Harriet’s flat price stationeries have no pre-price sticker. Thus it will be very difficult for the customers to know the price of the items if the stocks were mess up and also for the operation team to organize their stocks. Then, Stewart makes this same remark back to Jonas.

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