Sunday, October 30, 2016

La Concha Beach

Was WatsApping Tommy on last week Friday…complimented Tommy that this year, Tommy is the HotWheels champ in the market…I also share with Stewart on how to manage the HotWheels business module…buy in a little, then have more frequency of advertising, whether via Press Ad or Leaflet…then we will get the latest models in our shelves.

Tommy heard that Alice got approach Harriet to replace Bryan.

I also kepo with Tommy…last year BTS, who did the item selections…Tommy said that it was Harriet who did all of the item selections and Tommy did the cleaning up. I don’t know. Maybe when it comes to the Flat Price…I thought Harriet; which have a better common sense than me will know that it should be pre-price…and the assortment, Harriet could have easily got it from Michel & Ice or from Zurick. We may not have the numbers when it comes to the number of stores, but we certainly can tag along with the others…I don’t know…let’s see, let’s give Harriet a chance. The English & The Japanese customer base are almost similar…let’s see…it might work…maybe what we have in that the Stationery Flat Price should be Yiwu fancy punya barang...but then, what Harriet has in mind is totally different which is the local basics...I don't know...let's see how it goes...

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