Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fette Sau

Angry! With Celtic!

This was Celtic’s sales comments this morning…Celtic’s category drop because there was less in-house promotions this year compare to last year…this is to avoid over stocks because we shifted our focus on Kitchenware (Ikea Pallet Display) which needed space to display.

My foot! The pallets only occupy 4 pallets size of space which is only equivalent to 1 block. Stewart also mention that Celtic’s garbage bag stocks are perpetually everywhere and the sales is not picking up.

As per the stock value report…Home Arrangement is up by 8.7%...Containers is up by 4.8%...so who is higher here?

Celtic’s sales drop…I think it is lack of strategies and tactics. Celtic mention that Celtic regret that Celtic help to reduce the department stocks. Hello…all these are excuses…you didn’t reduce any stocks, I think you don’t even have the intention to do that…you were just sitting around, playing on your mobile, goyang kaki only…kononya…help to reduce stocks…you are just shifting the blame to others…like Marcus said – diverting…in denial, don’t want to face the facts. You may have new color launching…but Azreen did such a great job that your new color launching cannot even overtake Azreen’s last year sales performance…somemore can say that Azreen did such a bad job.

Stewart also commented that Celtic is very cincai in writing today sales comment. Questioning Celtic don’t know how to write a proper sales comment is it…Celtic don’t know how to analyze from where the shortfall is coming from…well, when Stewart make that comment, I can hear it from my place very loud & clear…therefore, I am sure that Jonas & MT can hear that too. Last time, I think Celtic was great…I learn a lot from Celtic…now, I feel that there is nothing to learn from Celtic anymore. Celtic is also actually not that great…hahaha…I am learning more from other people. Celtic is stagnant. I only need to learn not to be so careless and to pay more attention to the details.

Also disappointed that Stewart keep the above sentence in the sales comment slides…sigh…as though it is my fault.

I think…Celtic…is insecure…me moving into Mrs. Simon’s place…having Zila to assist me…during the earlier meeting…Stewart specifically mention that Zila will do the Glassware, Disposableware & Baking category while assisting me…I think Celtic is being jealous here…hahaha…me being equal to Celtic.

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