Thursday, October 27, 2016

Geffrye Museum

The D31 sales have dropped drastically this month…basically it comes from Celtic’s & Wayne’s categories. So, Celtic (with Stewart’s blessings) decides to do an additional 10% discount for the whole department tomorrow. At first I agree…then I give it a thought…since my categories are positive except for the Tableware, I don’t think we should do it. I just find it unnecessary lah…then Celtic asks me if I were in Celtic’s shoes, what I will do…I say that if I were in Celtic’s shoes…I will tackle Wayne’s categories lah…then Celtic ask me to sedar diri…the department sales is dropping, short of RM200K…cis…you yourself have no strategies and being so lazy…you cannot be doing the same thing and expecting different results ok. Somemore say so loud…everyone else also can hear. My categories may have negative margin, but it doesn’t mean we need to sacrifice further mah. I boss will be on board soon...want to show off. Maybe this Celtic is also like Pietro…like Tommy always say that we keep on defending & protecting Pietro, in the end we actually killing them and lose the bigger picture of things. Maybe Tommy’s tough love on me works after all. Angry.

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