Thursday, October 27, 2016

Churchill War Rooms

After looking at the Stationery BTS presentation today…err…I am not that great, I am still learning…but these are my observations…GOD, I think I need to move out from The Japanese…I am not being surrounded by people who are business & corporate driven…

(1) The flat price merchandise selection…very poor…I mean, Harriet is under Tommy right? I too was under Tommy for 3 months, I also can see the changes in myself, the way I think, the way I analyze, the way I see things…I just expect more quality work from Harriet.

(2) Stationery display in offer bins is always flat. You can do a dummy display to elevate the stocks.

(3) There are no pre-price stickers for the flat price merchandise.

(4) The trick in managing stationery flat price is to have 1 killer item in 1 offer bin or 1 flat price with lots of varieties and quantities that can fill up 1 offer bin.

(5) The Japanese have small offer bins which are just nice to be use compare to G13 which uses a bigger offer bins which means previously we hold more stocks.

(6) If the Campap Hello Kitty @ RM1 exercise book is a good seller, flood up the offer bin.

(7) I don’t know how is the folder sales here…but at RM1, it can fly…and it indeed fly very high back in G13…I used to fill them up to the maximum.

(8) Where are the fancy pencil bags? Harriet could have place orders from Michel & Ice and Zurick…but no wor...

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