Monday, October 17, 2016

A Journey Of Learning & Growing

CITI Malayia Lee Lung Nien talks about LEADERSHIP and BEST TALENT.

(1) Keep Your Feet Grounded.
No matter how high you climb a corporate ladder or how many awards you win, you don’t let the pride of life and materialism consume you. To keep one’s feet on the ground and not lose oneself in the journey to success, one needs to keep the right company. When we surround ourselves with good, honest and hardworking people, we will naturally gravitate similar values and good work ethics.

(2) Never Compromise On Integrity.

As a leader, people look up to you for clear direction and purpose and need you to project a strong sense of public duty. Being in the position of authority, means it is highly responsible in setting the right cultural tone for organizational integrity. And compromising on integrity is non-negotiable. In all that I do or decide, I’m always guided by what is right and wrong. I firmly believe its through integrity that you and the people under your care will enjoy the fruits of their labor meaningfully. Grest success that are built on integrity are the ones that will last for many generations to come, and that’s the legacy you want to leave behind. So, live your life with no regrets.

(3) Always Learning.
The moment you stop learning, you stop leading – Rick Warren. Learn as much as you can, from as many as you can, as often as you can.

(4) Go The Extra Mile.

Always go the extra mile at any given task, not just to get yourself notice by your bosses and peers, but to demonstrate great work ethics. Work hard to improve yourself by dedicating time and effort into anything you set your heart and mind to do. Luck played a key part in the working life? Your lucky number may have been announced, but if you’re away in the restroom, you missed being in the position to collect your prize. Hence, luck is what you make out of it. Challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone and always aim to do it exceedingly well.

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