Monday, October 10, 2016

God Of The Ordinary

While we may rejoice to hear about answers to prayer, we may also wonder why God hasn’t done anything amazing for us lately.

God’s work is usually done behind the scenes in the ordinary things of life. He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out. Every day God is busy shielding us from devastating onslaughts of Satan that would otherwise leave us helplessly defeated. And when temptation hits, He is making exit ramps for us so we can escape.

When we put our head on the pillow at night, we should pause to thank God for the amazing things He has done for us that day in the midst of our ordinary lives. So, instead of longing for Him to do something spectacular for you, thank Him! He already has.

Lord, help me to be constantly aware that Your power and presence are with me even in the ordinary times in my life. Thank You for Your amazing work on my behalf that I know nothing about.

God is always in control behind the scenes, even on ordinary days.


Today I went in to the office, early in the morning…Stewart praise me that the Frypan Category Review analysis was good. The Japanese guy mentions it to Stewart…and specifically mention the Frypan…indicating that we understand our business, our customers, our competitors, our market, our industry. Stewart thanks me and I thank Stewart back.

Next, there was a logistics problem with one of the supplier upon arrival at the warehouse. The warehouse people really want to reject the delivery already. But in the end, they didn’t. I don’t know how the warehouse team will split the goods out between the Alor Star store and the Ipoh store. Hopefully, all went well. And the Logistics Manager also didn’t tembak me. Whew…

MTD still positive.

The Subang Store Team did a great display on the open area and the promotion items. Which I will share with the rest of the team tomorrow.

Then, bump into my former Stationery supplier. So touch that they still remember me, my previous effort and wish that I will return back to G13. According to the supplier, apparently the whole market knew that Bryan will be leaving, Alice is really of different channel…hahaha…and another supplier also missed me too. Awww...

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