Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Keeping Your Leadership Development On Track

Time Management >> working long hours is not a sustainable solution, neither is multitasking.

Efficient Meetings

Effective Communication >> presentations are a small subset of communication. One – to – one communication, written messages are equally important. Leaders need to effectively distill and headline messages, create a picture, establish an emotional hook and deliver it effectively.

Superior Teamwork >> another essential attribute of leadership is getting things done through others. You need the right people to empower and to delegate tasks to. Placing people in the right roles and knowing when to take risks is one of the most important drivers of leadership success. You can acquired good players but getting them to play well together consistently is the hard part.

Decision Making & Execution >> every leader has to make decisions and to execute. In some situations, only the leader needs to make the call. In others, you need to facilitate the process of arriving at a decision. The crucial difference is knowing what to do and when. In addition, behavioral science and systems thinking provide very effective tools for making decisions and executing under uncertainty.

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