Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kenya : Uji

Me: Morning, u still using it? Need it for 7 minutes only…
MT: Ok closed
Me: U close long time already…I do already
MT: Cos I juz opened again haha
Me: U so comic
MT: Whole morning rectifying errors

Yup, WatsApping Mak Tiri again…first of all she doesn’t have to layan me…she could have just stop right there when I said that I’m already done with the file. But she didn’t and can haha somemore. When I mention that she is comic, she could also just stop right there…as she was very busy rectifying some pricing errors on that morning…but she still layan me wor…but then hor, I have a problem...when I am face to face with Mak Tiri...I don't know why I cannot look directly into her face, into her eyes and hold a proper conversation with her...

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