Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Banh Mi Boys

Woo Ga Chon BBQ, Bandar Sunway – had a Korean lunch with Michel & Ice.

Michel brought along her son and he is such a sweet gentleman. He is only 11 years old. He is so polite and with good manners too. When I walk in to the restaurant and Michel was doing the introduction, he stood up, gives me a handshake and greeted me. So respectful and cultured.

(1) Both Michel & Ice are not aware that Bryan have tendered his resignation. They only know that Bryan have only voice out his intentions previously.

(2) According to Ice, Bryan always inform Ice that this Alice naik gila already.

(3) Bryan; similar to Fendi also have to sit next to Alice from 9am to 5pm.

(4) According to Michel, Harriet…no quality one. Well, actually, this one I trigger one…evil me…what happen was…Harriet is from The English mah…but from the BTS Product List…I really did not see any quality work in it…I felt I was so much better in driving the Trade Plan…only 1 Steadtler 24 color pencil…what about Faber Castell Tri Grip Color Pencil, Stabilo 24 Color Pencil…where are the pencil bag flat price, why advertise Pilot marker in the leaflet…no key lines…all range discount, so...I sort of like borrow Stewart’s name and say that Stewart mention about Harriet’s quality of work…

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