Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Me: Genius, thank you.
MT: U did it!!

What happen was…our housebrand contract is really cacat…there are a few terms & conditions which we key into the system but will not reflect on the PDF hard copies. So, Celtic & Mrs. Simon old practice was to print the copies out, handwritten on it and get the supplier to sign. Well, I find it to be not so professional and inappropriate. There was this supplier who make a dispute out of it because he claim that the terms were later added on and the copies that we have are different from his. Therefore, for this year…I attach another piece of paper to it.

Stewart was at MT’s workstation this morning, call me over…just to make sure a few things because we need to capture a more accurate picture of the buying income and also on the auditor’s checking. Then MT said that the PDF format, we can put insertion into it. I say that I don’t know to do it, how do I go about it then…and MT teach me on the spot. According to Stewart, a lot of things we don’t ask…so we don’t know lor. So, now I know who to ask lor

I was surprise with MT’s answer…MT could have kept quite or say you are welcome…I firmly believe that Marcus have spoken to MT.

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