Monday, October 31, 2016

Forgive Mistakes, And Learn

…we get so impatient, as though we should be able to recognize our faults, fix them immediately and continue on with our life happily ever after. It never works this way. How many people have walked into a gym and become a weight lifting champion within the first week? When it comes to making changes for the better, we expect so much of ourselves too quickly. If the results don’t come now, this instant, we lose heart and view ourselves as hopeless, but that needn’t be the case. Say you get angry 46 times in one week. Some might say success is to stop being angry right away, but who can achieve such a thing? Instead, we should look at making gradual changes. If you can work towards being angry 44 times in a week, this is progress. After that, you keep going, reducing it to 42, 37, 30 and so on. A jug of water fills drop by drop. You get there eventually, and if you lapse, no problem – start again and keep chipping away. So many of us hold the view that mistakes and failure are things to be embarrassed by and therefore should be avoided all together. The way to gain from them is to follow a 3-step process of acknowledging mistakes, forgiving yourself for making them and learning from the experience to reduce future occurrences…

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