Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Alinea, Chicago


So, I beh tahan already…I went and apps Marcus…I know…I should not have trigger anything…let nature takes it's own course...hahaha...

Me: Hola. Ur HR called. She very funny. She ask me whether I’m interested in the trade plan position. I say yes. Then she say she will update me later the preferred interview time. Bukan update sekali gus kah? Then she never update me until now.

Marcus: Haha. They need to check my boss & mine schedule. I saw Emerson asked my boss when she wants to meet you.

Me: The whole world know kah?

Marcus: No la. Only Mr. Horton’s secretary knows. You called her??

What lah this Marcus…only Mr. Horton’s secretary knows…then what is this seeing Emerson asking your boss when she wants to meet me…if Emerson knew, means Ivan also knows…it also means that both Miguel & Maximoff also know lor…they don't keep secrets from each other one.

God…how lah…you know what…I am not going to trigger anything after this…if there is opportunities to go to AC Nielsen, FMCG; I Category Management or Trade Marketing…if being a buyer…I think I will just sit where I am first.

I also don’t know whether Marcus’s boss likes me or not, people want to hire me or not, I can get a good salary increment or not…is G13 a stable company or not? What if halfway through, I am serving my 3 months notice and something happen to G13? Will both Stewart & Celtic forgive me or not?

Anyway, today the G13 HR also didn’t call me back…

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