Sunday, May 07, 2017

Forhoja Wall Cabinet

:( no wonder…Zurick & Tommy want to have lunch with me lah

Rupa-rupanya…Tommy resigned! Going down to Singapore. A regional role, an e-commerce hub with Lazada. However, Tommy is still contemplating. I can see that Tommy will miss The English. Furthermore, The English also counter offer Tommy. I am really stunned. It really caught me by surprise…I thought Tommy will stay for good with The English, I certainly didn’t see this coming.

Lunch @ Italiannies, The Curve…didn’t gossip much this time around lah…hahaha…

Captain Johnson…not a really good boss, talk only…well, to be fair…Captain Johnson have a very solid Appliance background but I can see that Captain Johnson is making every effort to learn more about Textile & Bazaar.

Harriet has punctuality issue, smart but lazy…Harriet also realize that the bosses don’t quite fancy Harriet…yeah, I also feel that Stewart also not really that keen on Harriet like that.

Tommy’s position may be replaced by one of the Captain Johnson’s ma chai…L____ W__ L___...that day Stewart also mention to me that this guy’s background is being checked, therefore Stewart suspect that this guy is also looking for a new job…hahaha...Tommy hopes he returns back to The English.

Both Zurick & Tommy thinks that I am no longer looking for a job anymore…I say that I am…sien already mah…I also told them that Miguel got ask me lah, but I decline already…

Tommy finds Nixon to be a good buyer, but dirty.

Marcus is a nice person but need to play the office politics to survive.

I think Tommy knows that something is brewing in G13 but are not sharing with me…

Zurick have a feeling that Miguel will work for another 7 years in G13, and then retire to London. Both of them feel that Miguel is more settle down now compare to when Miguel first join G13.

Miguel’s other half is called Nicholas…ahh…

I inform Tommy that Smallie have left too…Tommy says that Smallie is a tough person.

On Emerson & Ivan...Tommy says that the both of them are living together...Ivan may be in love with Emerson...and Emerson is just using Ivan...

I don’t know… I am just going to be thankful for the kindness that I have received, be thankful for the options & second chances that are given to me.

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