Friday, May 19, 2017

Pedreira Paulo Leminski, Curitiba

Very long WatsApp Conversations with Marcus:

Me: Hola. Emerson didn’t call me today. So…shall I sign the letter and start on 23/8…I need to reply within 3 days time. Otherwise, the offer letter become not valid.

Marcus: Really??? Emerson also didn’t reply Sörenstam. You sign first la.

Me: Ok…

Marcus: Btw, welcome back!

Me: Thanks for giving the opportunity to try something new. Really appreciate it. Will scan the copy to Emerson tomorrow night. Original copy will submit later on. Coz this whole week at Ampang store for relaunch next week. I only baru reach home. I also surprise myself.

Marcus: Yeah, grab the opportunity! I actually quite happy that we can used our experience to develop this Trade Plan department. Mr. Horton’s secretary actually handling quite well now, by the time u join should not be too much of hiccups. Where u can focus to drive the department to another level! U know what, Bryan actually knew u will join. Coz Mr. Horton’s secretary told Bryan.

Me: There is actually lots of space to grow. Provided ppl take it positively. Data -> ideas - > solutions. All this is to assist buyers to make better planning with the suppliers for the customers. Some buyers may be resistant and think we just talk & grab their job. I didn’t know they can hold conversations.

Marcus: Exactly, the best part is we can continue the passion in retail but no need to close margin.

Me: Well said.

Marcus: Many buyers aiming at this job. I tell no one about your joining except Mr. Horton’s secretary.

Me: We need to retire gracefully from merchandising. I also let u know something. Miguel got approach me. Before u approach me. But I turn Miguel down. If I were to continue buying, I think I AB will be better.

Marcus: Really!!! They r so short of hands now. And CM in G13 is not going to be easy anymore. New system. New way of reading sales. Range review needs to be done annually & etc…

Me: It should be tat way actually. To keep things fresh. So trade plan not only plan calendar but to assists the buyers. Even in AB, all new buyers, they don’t know how to read report to identify gap. Now Japanese teaching us. All mathematics.

Marcus: Exactly! Some buyers really using their pasar malam way. It should improve already. If they can’t follow, no choice will need new blood…that’s reality, not cruelty.

Me: True. But I’m looking forward to the grocery and health & beauty. I think tat one will be damn interesting and challenging.

Marcus: FOM actually moving to a very proper way of working.

Me: I c…

Marcus: Yes, I have some experience in non food & H&B. Very interesting! Imagine dealing with Unilever and P&G. They have full set of business strategy to the retailer.

Me: This also move me out from my comfort zone. Dealing with a different grp of ppl, different type of business. Really require mindset shift.

Marcus: Yes! Btw, anyone else looking for job? We have lots of slots to fill. Food, non food, GMS.

Me: Baldwin found job already?

Marcus: Baldwin in Segi with Ellen Wong. Baldwin wanted to come back. I ask Maximoff, Maximoff sounds interested. I don’t want to push too hard…but

Me: But u just drop hints…I think Madeleine would like to come back. Madeleine have to travel far and work on Saturday.

Marcus: Madeleine can try grocery. I think Andrew will take Madeleine.

Me: I also found out tat Ramly also left LuLu.

Marcus: Yes, Ramly is in an online company. Heard from Madeleine. Let me ask Madeleine.

Me: Aladdin Internet.

Marcus: Oh…

Me: Lee nee?

Marcus: Do u think she wants to leave AB?

Me: U can try to ask her…

Marcus: She can join H&B.

Me: I don’t speak to her much. Just a gut feeling.

Marcus: Ok, let me try. She still not ngam with SF?

Me: :)

Marcus: Good news about ur brother Pietro!

Me: Pietro’s getting married?

Marcus: During wed floor walk Pietro presented bicycle range, the French CEO praise Pietro!

Me: Excellent. Giv Pietro confidence.

Marcus: Really weldone to Pietro. Pietro reporting to Miguel now and sitting next to Miguel. But Miguel guiding him well!

Me: Miguel is also another good teacher. We really wasted our time under Alice.

Marcus: Miguel is! If without Emerson & Amelia around, Miguel can do well.

Me: Oh really?

Marcus: These 2 ppl everyday confused Miguel.

Me: Bad influence.

Marcus: Yes!

Me: MT still got complain to u ar?

Marcus: Miguel is guiding the team well, when they direct report to Miguel. No la…last time she does la

Me: Hopefully Miguel can get the right ppl to drive GMS.

Marcus: But still not showing on numbers yet. They are really good in presenting…

Me: Let’s c how we can help.

Marcus: Actually Maximoff very smart to sell the nice face of GMS.

Me: But cannot last long one. Must hav wayang + performance.

Marcus: Maximoff doesn’t really spend time to study the categories well, not like Matthew. European are always good in building the base. But this Malaysian woman is too smart to cover the ugly side…

Me: So fast u finish talking to Baldwin…

Marcus: Yes. Baldwin is keen! Miguel called Baldwin, Peggy also called Baldwin! But no follow up from them. I asked Baldwin to text Miguel, Baldwin prefer GMS. They could be too busy la.

Me: Looks like ur household and leisureware minions are back. Celtic?

Marcus: Why? Celtic wants to come back meh? No more SCM woh.

Me: I don’t know.

Marcus: Don’t think Celtic can work with Amelia and Miguel lo.

Me: True also.

Marcus: Celtic can’t tahan Miguel, and sure clashed with Amelia. How is Celtic in AB? Stress also? Well, everywhere also stress in fact. Market is just so bad.

Me: And Celtic also ego and want to win. Like u say. Celtic delegate all to me and Wayne.

Marcus: I know…Celtic’s style…Leonardo also complain to me when Leonardo handle Celtic. Your boss don’t care, Celtic normally just give something to wayang, otherwise get her ppl to do for her. How’s Wayne?

Me: I c MT and Jonas very busy. And their analysis and presentation very good. Bingo. And u r also right. Celtic cannot answer, Celtic pusing 1 big round. Then ur face will pop in my mind. I think Wayne very patient.

Marcus: Wayne is very patient, and very kind. But at least Wayne is a CM now!

Me: Yes. But I guess no one is perfect. We just hav to manage accordingly. Yes. Opportunity for Wayne to learn.

Marcus: That was a good move for Wayne, in GMS Wayne will have no chance. Maximoff very racist, Tommy said that to me. And Maximoff’s really racist, that’s why Maximoff doesn’t like Madeleine.

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