Friday, May 05, 2017

Lycksalig Teapot

Well, the Emerson (HR) did called me, but I didn’t pick up the call. I just WatsApp.

I am very choosy when it comes to the timing and the interview location...


God really knows me. I am choosy with the timing because I don’t want to take leave. I am choosy with the location because I am not good at long distance driving.

God is at work here…

Emerson (HR): Hi. Can you make it. On the same date but after work. At 7pm?

Me: Still Mercato Pavilion? I finish work at 6pm.

Emerson (HR): The interview might be in Mercato Café, Pavilion or at the HQ office Shah Alam.

Me: If HQ, I can make it.

Emerson (HR): The director had yet to revert to me on the location.

Me: If KL, I will be late.

Emerson (HR): Ok. Let me check and revert back to you ok. Can you block your time. From 6pm till 8pm. We will update you the location on Tuesday. As the director is away and will be back on Tuesday.

God really knows me…now, I am not going to trigger anything…just wait…enjoy the entire process.

God…I only pray that I am not distracted by all of this, let me just focus on the job on hand. Help Team Baz, help Stewart & Celtic to drive the business further.

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