Sunday, May 21, 2017

Audi Polo Challenge

Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with Praise; be Thankful unto Him, and Bless His Name.

I gave Emerson (HR) my 2 reference point of contact: Tommy & Leonardo. Emerson (HR) actually called them…OMG…

Leonardo: Hi, planning to join back G13?

Me: Hi Leonardo. How r u? They offer me a new portfolio. No more buying

Leonardo: I’m fine. Just receive call from HR asking about u. Don’t worry. All good comments

Me: They really call to cross check

Leonardo: You don’t want to do buying after so many years…?

Me: Thank u. Need rest. I think time to re-skill. U got miss buying?

Leonardo: I’m still buying but different product…you know for construction use.

Me: I c. U got miss hyper?

Leonardo: Of course not

Me: Hahaha

Hahaha…see, hyper is so stressful…

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