Sunday, May 14, 2017

Claudia so sibuk

I am so stressed…

(1) More big & red acne popping out on my face non-stop everyday. God, when is this going to stop? :(

(2) Went cycling with Clara yesterday…hearing news that makes my faith slightly shaky…not slightly, but very...

(3) It’s confirmed…Laura will go back to G13, somewhere in June. Lionel is over the moon on Laura’s returning. Laura’s reason for leaving was that the current office in Sunway is kind of far and Laura is not really good at adapting to a new environment. Apparently, it was both Maximoff & Emerson who approach Laura to come back. Nonetheless, Emerson has warned Laura that the current situation in G13 is very challenging, is very different and that the new French CEO is very detail. So, should I go back or not?

(4) Apparently, both Maximoff & Miguel is also looking for job! Shit lor…G13 still have a future in Malaysia or not? I still think that both Maximoff & Miguel posses strong leadership & visionary skill, but they cannot copy & paste The English way 100% into the G13 structure. G13 have to find its own identity.

(5) Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal – Sörenstam’s career with these FMCG companies…all last for 3 years only…shit lorwill Sörenstam cabut half way or not…then leaving the whole team stranded?

(6) Ramly have already resigned from LuLu. Only Madeleine is still there. Currently Ramly is working with an e-commerce company but did attend an interview for Laura’s position.

(7) Jecca has been promoted as a Shoe Buyer. I commented to Clara that Jecca have no buying experience, Jecca was previously under Marcus doing Promotion. Then, Clara said that if you can talk, can already lah. Jecca is currently Maximoff’s pet and is cozying up with Shawn right now.

(8) I also told Clara, going back to G13’s Merchandising Team right now, might be a bit risky…but within a supporting role, will still be ok. I was trying to calm myself...sigh...

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