Sunday, May 07, 2017

Lenda Curtains

Hahaha…I think I am already at a buddy buddy level with Mak Tiri…

Me: Ma’am. U still using raya part 2? I want to borrow 2 minutes. Thanks

MT: I already tutup…But when I opened was read only

Me: I’m done. U can use back

MT: No prob I also tengok only

Me: (emoji) (roll eyes)

MT: Why u rolled eyes???

Me: Coz I thought u fill up the order qty mah. Rupa-rupanya, u tengok only. Take so long

MT: I update June master plan. Selection key items for promo

See…MT now queries me back…she could have just drop the subject as it is…now, I think she is more braver to have more conversations with me :)

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