Sunday, May 14, 2017

beef tongue tacos, quesadillas, and tequila

Stewart say Mak Tiri good to do the report and no mistake. And I let u all do. I say cuz u all are good and trustable. And I know I no good as I better shut up. MT have to do cuz she too great, her people cannot be good.

Now Stewart found out that Jonas using wrong budget like me. Seems only MT know the new budget. Both 2 teams salah buat but only MT betul. Now total division cannot submit homework cuz semua salah.

Problem now is whatever Jonas did but the buyer not really know. For Household now problem is no buyer around but only DM ada.

Hahaha…Marcus was right about Celtic after all.

Hahaha…both Wayne & myself did the template together. Reason being…I think if Celtic wants to do, Celtic can do…I do because I want to learn, I need to learn…because this Celtic is very poor in communication. Is not that Celtic doesn’t channel down the message, Celtic does channel them down…bits & parts in pieces, at times irrelevant, api-apikan the situasi. I have to be hands-on so I will know what is going on in the department itself. Sometimes, I really wish that Mak Tiri is my boss.

I don’t know whether Stewart sees it or not…maybe Stewart does see through Celtic…but need Celtic to kau tim the Plastic suppliers…sigh…

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