Friday, May 12, 2017

Geranium Leaf


Swine, Tropicana City Mall – an evening interview session with both Marcus & Sörenstam. I’m hired. But at the moment, I am very kan cheong as well…because I am not so sure how the monetary package will be like. Have to wait and see…Marcus repeated get my resignation letter ready...hello, I don't even know whether you all can afford to pay me or not.

Overall, on the job scope…I think I can connect the dots, I can see how I will be able to fit in. It's all about being Customer Centric. Data will lead to ideas which will provide the solutions. Getting the balance of Data + SOP + Intuition.

Mr. Horton’s secretary will be playing the coordinator role where as I will be reporting directly to Marcus. If I get what they meant correctly, I will be doing the Category Management and Education & Training part where I will be feeding the data's to the buyers which will assist them in making a better merchandising decisions from A to Z. Some buyers may not be able to read figures and identify the potential gap, so the communication pack that Marcus design have to be very simple and convenient for the buyers to use. I think I will also be doing Analysis, Research & Management of data. Only when I can understand the numbers, then only I can channel them down to the respective buyers. Consultancy & Advisory role – guiding the newbies...the buyers need to be refresh as well and this is where I can bring in my buyer experience & understanding and mix them altogether with trade planning especially in the GMS area. Throw in a little bit of Branding, Communication, Trade Marketing, Marketing & Media. I am doing for the total of G13 brand. Meaning, I will be covering Grocery, Fresh, Health & Beauty, Non Food and GMS. I will deal with a more precise & professional data's & suppliers…I will look into a more different & dynamic paradigm. A real stepping stone for me if later on I want to move into any FMCG companies. Merchandising have to comes in with Product & Price where as Marketing will provide either the Print or Digital platform for Promotion & Place.

Marcus ask me what do I think of Sörenstam...well, Sörenstam is kind of lively, bubbly, fast tempo (so many changes that have taken place in one year's time in the Marketing Division), clear-headed as in Sörenstam knows what Sörenstam wants and how to achieve them. Marcus told me that there are people in the office who don't like Sörenstam and talks bad about Sörenstam. I wonder who they are...hahaha...

But I am very touch that God gave me this opportunity, God put Marcus into my life, Marcus is also concern and wants to make sure that this is what I want (it will be like switching careers already leh, but the skills & knowledge are transferable lah) and that I will be happy with it. Marcus will only be officially onboard the department in November. This job also comes with a new set of challenges. I will be playing the bad guy role. Hahaha...

Marcus did not recommend Celtic or Baldwin or Madeleine for the job. I think the reason Marcus chose me is because I told Marcus previously, what will be the ideal job scope that I am looking for in the future and Marcus also pointed out that Marcus is also looking for someone that can jive in with Sörenstam.

God – direct my 2017 paths.

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