Thursday, May 04, 2017

Eleven Madison Park

WatsApp conversations with Marcus.

Me: Boss, appointment all the way at Mercato Pavilion at 11am Thursday. Cannot do more nearby?

Marcus: Haha, to boss’s convenience.

Me: I c u can already lah. We meet in Subang after work.

Marcus: My director wants to see you la.

Me: Err. U don’t scold first ar. Your HR will email me. I will say cannot coz on that day I hav raya pilot meeting. I’m the project leader. Hav to arrange other time. I’m small potato lah. U screen me thru, good enough already.

Marcus: Cannot la, we are hiring a manager.

Me: Is ur boss work late? Can do after office hours?

Marcus: It’s ok, let them arrange another day.

Me: Ok ok. Then I take leave lor. Ur HR very efficient. Email came in already.

Marcus: Take leave la.

Me: Yup, will do.

…like very serious leh

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