Sunday, May 21, 2017

Laird of Glen Affric

God uses broken things beautifully:
Broken clouds pour rain
Broken soil sets as fields
Broken crop yields seeds
Broken seeds give life to new plants
So when you feel you are broken, be rest assured that God is planning to utilize you for something great.

Empire Damansara Perdana, SOHO 1 >> drop by at Tommy’s studio unit yesterday afternoon…Tommy’s second last day in KL. Tommy’s flight to Singapore is at 2pm today. Went there to collect Tommy’s books. Tommy is giving them away, so I took back 4 bags full!

(1) Tommy also mention to me that Emerson (HR) also called Tommy, ask me why I didn’t prompt Tommy earlier…hahaha…

(2) Tommy ask…if I am doing Trade Planning…why I didn’t consider The English…why G13.

(3) Tommy said that the Trade Planning Department is the engine for The English’s business. In G13, it’s more of a coordinating role. Tommy did not comment whether I make the right decisions or the wrong decisions…but I can see for sure that Tommy was unsure of my new direction.

(4) I acknowledge that…I will be playing the bad guy role…I have to be demanding and challenge the buyers on every angle. Especially for the Grocery, Fresh, Non Food and Health & Beauty…where I don't have much experience...where I don't know anything at all...I will have to be like Stewart…using logic, rationality, quantified things, fair & reasonableness. I will have to invest my time & energy to study the numbers, to get the facts right, to see the patterns & formations.

(5) I think it’s a subtle warning from Tommy that uncooperative people will be my source of frustrations.

(6) This opportunity is really moving me out from my very own comfort zone. I am not going to let this learning opportunity to slip from me again, like the Colgate Palmolive opportunity. I need to make a exit plan from merchandising…earn sufficiently to pay off all of my pending debts…and then…let’s see what God have in store for me…if not now, when...

(7) I am just going to do my best in everything, be on time, be gracious to everyone and live out my live for God.

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