Sunday, May 21, 2017

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Trade Planning Manager

I did not seek for this job, I did not even apply for this job…it was Marcus who WatsApp me with this offer…

When I didn’t email my resume over to Marcus earlier on…it was Marcus who reminded me for the second time…

Marcus also prep me on Sörenstam before the job interview…

I did not state my expected salary…THANK YOU GOD, PRAISE TO THE LORD, BLESS YOU GOD for blessing me with RM8500!

The timing was perfect…The Japanese gave me an increment of RM280 (RM7280) and a bonus; unexpectedly...before the offer came in.

I don’t want to do anymore buying…when I was with The French…I was aiming for the SDD role…but it was a role within Team Baz…this role is much more broader and in-depth.

Sigh…I have my doubts too, God…can I thrive? Can I manage? Can I contribute? Can I get along well with everybody? Will people support me? Will I do well in my new role? The English had a VSS exercise, The Japanese are transferring some staffs to the store level (on a batch by batch basis), will G13 be doing something similar? Somemore hor…I have to serve a 3 month’s notice…anything can happen within these 3 months…what if Mr. Horton’s secretary found a new job…what if Marcus found a new job too…or what if Marcus have been re-designated to another portfolio. What if all of these was a fraud? What if I was cheated & conned?

God, I hold on to Your Words, I hold on to Your Stories, I hold on to YOU!

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